Hotel Equipment

For those in the hotel business, the supply of hotel furniture and equipment plays a very important role. A stable, diversified supply with reasonable prices not only helps the hotel save a lot of costs but also makes it easier to attract customers. At Unicos, we provide all kinds of hotel items, in addition to the available items, we can also help you find items that you accidentally see somewhere but don’t know where to buy, even if you want to become a wholesaler in this hotel sector, we can also help you to find diverse sources of goods at the most reasonable prices. Trust and long-term cooperation are Unicos’ top strategic goals, therefore, Unicos customers can be assured of quality and efficiency when using our products and services.


  • Hotel Room Items

    The hotel room is an important space and also a major determinant of customer satisfaction here. That is why investors are always intesrested in and aiming for a reasonable, aesthetic and functional hotel room layout.
  • Bathroom items

    The bathroom is just a small space to clean the body and relax, but it is a place that shows the class of a hotel. 5-star hotels or high-class resorts are very focused on bathroom space, often imported and equipped with beautiful and useful bathroom equipment.
  • Housekeeping items

    Hygiene is the main factor that helps retain and attract customers. Surely customers will be willing to spend money to use good quality, clean hotels. Therefore, hygiene plays an extremely important role in hotels and restaurants