UNICOS promises to always source and supply the customer's desired products under optimal conditions with KNOW-HOW accumulated over the past 20 years.

The highest value of our company is “putting customers’ interests first”. In the rapidly changing economic system of the current era, we will find the best way and present it to our customers so that they can succeed at any time.

Unicos, creating a new area of business.

Pioneering the world and opening new horizons in trade and distribution. For the happiness and prosperity of mankind. Always research and work hard. In the context of the rapidly changing international order, business methods are also evolving.  And new forms of technology and techniques are born. “UNICOS” will be a reliable companion to accompany you in this rapidly changing and evolving environment


The world changes every day, and humans try to adapt to the changes. The unstable global value chain is also defined by the times. It is the result of a rapid change in ideology. Most of us have dreams, but turning them into reality is not easy. However, if there is no dream, there will be no future. If you don't know how to give up no matter what difficulties, that dream will surely come true.That is our promised future.


Trying something new is always accompanied by fears big and small. If you go on a path that others have not taken, you will inevitably encounter difficulties and fears. But that's the only way to open up new horizons in our lives.


Humans have created civilizations and are also creating new ones. As mankind develops by creating new things that did not exist in the world, UNICOS always places high value on innovative ideas.

UNICOS commitment : Be excellent with us. Like you do!

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