Computers are now seen as necessary tools for everyone in the contemporary 4.0 age, acting as a tool to facilitate and ease daily living. Knowing this, UNICOS is confident in offering a variety of computer component items to our clients, all of the highest order and value, including monitors, keyboards, accessories, and more.

PC Products

UNICOS is consistently focused on its clients, which include businesses, hotels,… In particular, UNICOS offers to produce computer components and accessories in accordance with clients’ demands; as long as you have a need, we promise to fully supply it.  Below are some areas we are no doubt best at:

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  • Keyboard

    A good keyboard plays an important role in helping users communicate and control the computer system.
  • USB

    Usb can help users store, backup data and transfer files between devices. USBs are manufactured with different levels of storage capacity and port types, each with a distinct shape.
  • Monitor

    A high-quality monitor will provide you a wonderful experience when it connects to the computer to display photos!
  • PC main body

    PC main body is a key component of a healthy system since it is considered of as the system's "heart."
  • Mouse

    With a good mouse, users can manipulate and use for a long time without feeling tired and uncomfortable. You can play games, surf the web and read news for hours and still be comfortable.