For the last couple of decades, the cosmetic industry has grown rapidly, and with the rise in e-commerce, more and more newcomers and rising stars and being attracted all of the time. And now, with countless outsourcing manufacturers located all over the world, it has become much easier for entrepreneurs to build their own cosmetic line-up and join the industry, even if only on an individual level.



OEM is a specific company that produces various makeup and cosmetic products for private-label companies. In other words, you would work with them directly to design and produce your own makeup line, which they will then label under your brand for you to bring to market.

If you are intending to create your own cosmetic brand but have the same quality and eye-catching design as Korean cosmetic brands. It can be skin care products, makeup products, or even body care products,… We help you connect with reputable Korean cosmetic outsourcing companies, quality assurance, reasonable prices, and meet standards such as:

  • Qualified materials

We cooperate with outsourcing companies specializing in supplying and manufacturing famous products such as … with carefully selected raw materials having quality assurance standards that are proven.

  • Staff

The outsourcing company that we choose has a team of experienced, well-trained workers who understand the production process they are in charge of. All workers are carefully and carefully equipped with protective clothing and equipment so as not to affect product quality.

With a team of professional and experienced staff, we guarantee to bring you a process:

Step 1

– Give us your ideas about your desired products and your requirements

– We will check production conditions, consult, quote

Step 2:

– Unify price, quantity, and product packaging specifications

– Discuss contract terms

Step 3:

– Sign the contract

– First payment

Step 4:

– Producing sample products, Checking and editing packaging and design. Finalize products to put into mass production

– 2nd payment

Step 5:

– Conduct production, complete registration procedures in Korea, and send it to Vietnam to register

– 3rd installment payment

Step 6

– Deliver the goods and send all required documents.

– Last payment


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