Integrate your digital door key platform into your own hotel app and offer a contactless guest experience.
  • Hotel Safe

    Feeling safe is one of the keys to keeping customers, so that customers can completely feel comfortable when leaving valuables in your hotel room.
  • Hotel Fridge/ Mini Bar

    Not only saving space, but also still fully functional as usual, a refrigerator in the hotel room is the convergence of both user-friendly and convenience factors.
  • Wireless Speakers

    A compact and quality sound speaker will help customers to chill with their loved ones, this is really an important factor to attract customers to your hotel.
  • Electric Kettle Tray Set

    The electric kettle set is an indispensable detail when setting up a hotel room. In the family, we usually use only 1 kettle to boil electric water, but when entering the hotel, the hotel's super speed kettle will be equipped with many additional details. These are: overall tray, tray for tea, coffee, drinking cup, stirring spoon...
  • Hotel Telephone

    Currently, most hotels use internal telephone exchange systems. Although landline is not used too commonly in today's era, it’s still an indispensable item in the hotel room.