UNICOS services are present in various markets such as Korea, USA, Canada, Australia and Far East Asia.


UNICOS is always at the forefront of supplying furniture items to families, restaurants, hotels, offices, schools, hospitals. We have a wide range of design and high quality furniture supply systems, and our new distribution system is expanding in many cities around the world. The purpose of UNICOS is to make our quality, design and service accessible to our customers.

  • Office Furniture

    Designing workplace office rooms includes choosing and creating space, as well as selecting and arranging furniture equipment to make a full office. This will be a working space for office professionals that meets both aesthetic and functional requirements.
  • Home Furniture

    Many people consider interior furniture to be a complement to construction work. A house would be incomplete without interior design. This is also a simple way to appreciate the importance of internal design in both building and living.
  • Restaurant Furniture

    A restaurant is incomplete without furniture. This demonstrates the restaurant's purpose and relevance to enterprises. Restaurant furniture has a direct impact on consumers, income, and brand reputation
  • Hotel Furniture

    The market is becoming increasingly competitive. Each industry need its own business strategy. The hotel and restaurant are as well.
  • School Furniture

    Lets allow UNICOS to assist you in selecting the most effective furniture  to fit your goals and improve the image of your school.
  • Hospital Furniture

    The interior design of hospitals and clinics requires the suitability of each area and usage. People's need for education and health care is growing in tandem with the growth of society.