Our Electronic wire Products

  • GS Power Marine Wire

    50 Ft, 14 Gauge AWG Electrical Boat Wiring - Oxygen-Free Insulated Black and Red Sheathed Copper
  • Round Cotton Covered Cord

    18/2 Antique Style Cloth Electrical Wire - 25' 18 Gauge Vintage Style Cord (Black Round)
  • Southwire

    10' 8/3 with ground Romex brand SIMpull residential indoor electrical wire type NM-B

    40FT 18 Gauge 2pin 2 Color Red Black Cable Hookup Electrical Wire LED Strips Extension Wire 12V/24V DC Cable, 18AWG Flexible Wire Extension Cord for LED Ribbon Lamp Tape Lighting
  • VEVOR Self

    Regulating Pipe Heating Cable, 80-feet 5W/ft Heat Tape for Pipes, Roof Snow Melting De-icing, Gutter and Pipe Freeze Protection, 120V