It is very difficult to live a modern life without the help of electronic devices. Devices such as smartphones, music players, flat-screen TVs, refrigerators, cookers, and vacuum cleaners that permeate our lives help people live a convenient and safe life. These devices today are rapidly evolving and introducing new technologies. This is an innovation in technology, and it is of great benefit to people.


Unicos is confident in its ability to provide products with high cost-effectiveness in various designs according to the customer’s order. This is undoubtedly one of the few areas we do best.

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  • Bluetooth speaker

    Wireless speakers are regarded as the technology that can provide listeners the finest feelings while they are enjoying vivid sound at events, meetings, or anyplace else.
  • Earphone

    Not only for enjoying music, a suitable headset can also bring a lot of benefits to your work. Headphones are very diverse in genres and brands: wireless, wired, …denpend on funtion, you can choose the suitable one.
  • Backup charger

    A power bank is a product made to assist consumers who use phones, tablets, bluetooth speakers, etc. by storing electricity to charge gadgets wherever they are without a power outlet.
  • Camera

    Due to the advantages of cameras, we can find any type of camera equipment almost anywhere: on the street, in a store, an office, a school, etc. When you are traveling or not at the business, you may feel secure since the video system will act as a 24/7 security control staff.
  • TV monitor

    A TV with excellent screen, resolution, and quality will provide viewers the most accurate and vibrant images and sound throughout each movie.
  • Laptop

    Laptops are used more and more popularly, serving the learning and working process effectively.
  • Projector

    A projector is a device used to transmit images on a bright white screen (also known as a projection screen) with a large screen size and can be customized according to user preferences.
  • Smart watch

    Smart watches are considered a great convenience when used with phones with modern features, supporting you to use quickly and conveniently, and can also monitor your health.
  • Voice remote control

    Remote control TV has a very important effect in helping users easily install, set up and use on TV as well as access applications, navigate TV channels on TV quickly and conveniently.