Outdoor LED display screen

Adopting high-quality lamp beads and undergoing multiple high and low-temperature experiments and scanning layered detection. It has the advantages of high cost-effectiveness and stable performance. The box between standard modules is universal, which can reduce customer delivery time. When customers replace products with different spacing points, the steel structure can be universal;

This product has high brightness, high refresh, and high protection level, making it suitable for outdoor media advertising and other occasions

We independently research and develop production kits and masks, with vertical and horizontal reinforcement design. It can achieve efficient dust protection, uniform ink color, sturdy and flat, and UV-resistant module kits, ensuring that the screen body is flat and not deformed, and the display effect is better.

As a mature product of outdoor HD LED display screens, various specifications are leading in the same industry, and there are mature cases all over the world.

Adopting modular design, with advantages of low installation and maintenance cost, fast speed, and hot plug.

There are mature and optional supporting schemes such as camera, wire, 4G, WIFI technology, cloud broadcasting control, and full network access. Supporting mainstream format playback and DVI HDMI 4G/HD/SD three-speed SDI HD display mode. Broadcast color gamut, color temperature, and brightness can be adjusted intelligently. It has a uniform color, high contrast, and a beautiful and natural picture.

Mainly used in outdoor advertising media, government and enterprise projects, cultural tourism, sports games, image publicity, commercial real estate

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