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Why should you choose UNICOS for your franchise?

There are numerous brands to select from using the franchise model because cosmetic stores are currently quite developed. UNICOS is unique and distinguishes itself from other businesses for a number of reasons, including:



  • UNICOS is certain that it is a provider of real cosmetics with the best quality and the most competitive prices available.
  • UNICOS will offer free samples of well-known Korean cosmetics to shops. UNICOS also equips each store with a TV that plays videos about Korean products.
  • UNICOS will supply 3D design drawings, interior décor, display, as well as staff uniforms for each shop in order to synchronize in the store system.
  • Under the UNICOS franchise concept, a team of beauty professionals will always train shop employees twice a month on new products and beauty techniques. Additionally, workshops and regular shop training will be organized at the company’s headquarters.
  • In addition to delivering a range of cosmetic goods in a variety of styles to retailers rapidly (within a week), UNICOS also registers exclusive rights for the top products on the Korean market, despite these products being unpopular in Vietnam. This is a great chance for shops to provide consumers high-quality goods.
  • UNICOS’s policy is to safeguard its shops jointly, to help them grow together, to help them establish a more reputable brand, and to help them stand solidly in the market. The distance between its stores must not be less than one kilometer.