Franchise process at UNICOS

There are 7 steps to franchising with UNICOS:



Step 1: Consulting with company and shop location assessment

First, investors will be relieved of various concerns by participating in discussions and consultations where UNICOS professionally provides advice. Unicos is always looking for investors with a basic understanding of cosmetics, a willingness to develop, and the ability to cooperate with other investors.

In addition, as a UNICOS franchise store, we will carefully consult with franchisees about the guidelines for permissible regions or locations, especially hotspots that can attract consumers’ attention as central commercial districts in a region, taking into account the characteristics of the region.


Step 2: Order products for contract signing and store opening.

  When a franchisee selects a franchise business, a contract is concluded through consultation and negotiation, and the franchise fee must be paid to UNICOS. When properly signed by both parties, the terms and conditions of the Agreement will be binding and effective.  Also, products for store openings will be ordered at this time



Step 3: Set up your store interior

UNICOS produces and provides store design and 3D perspective drawings according to the size and structure of the store by an interior design company designated by the head office. UNICOS develops and proposes several designs according to the space and area of the store, and franchisees can choose the design they want. All UNICOS stores establish a unified image design and system by applying the company’s unified CI (Corporate Identity).



Step 4: Delivery of goods for store opening in Korea

Products that have been paid for after the contract are shipped from Korea, and the expected delivery date is 7 to 10 days in Vietnam.



Step 5: Finishing the store interior and displaying the product shelves

After the store finishes the interior and installs all display stands, the store is decorated with Korean cosmetics brand logos and advertisements such as P.O.P. Finish lighting the shelves and installing screens inside and outside the store.



 Step 6: Train store staff on makeup and sales techniques

UNICOS headquarters dispatches a professional support team to provide training to each store, including makeup, beauty, and new products. UNICOS experts continue to support franchisees in stages such as marketing to attract customers and continuous training in sales techniques.



Step 7: Shop opening ceremony

UNICOS will accompany the store owner to cut the ribbon to officially open the store after finishing the process of establishing and training the personnel for the stores.