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Advantages of choosing UNICOS’s franchised cosmetic business

These days, there are a lot of cosmetic franchises, but not all of their business strategies work well. At UNICOS, we are certain that we can offer the following advantages and benefits:



The market is open and the client base is solid

Vietnamese people’s thinking is becoming more and more modern and mindful of beauty and health issues nowadays, which is a great foundation for the industry of health care services. In particular, UNICOS has given users access to hundreds of well-known cosmetic brands from Korea including innisfree, laneige, the face shop, 3CE… and has established credibility and trust in the market by appealing to the mentality of the Vietnamese people that they always want to choose reputable stores with perfect quality at an affordable price.

Customers recognize you for these three things: With the most affordable prices, the highest caliber products, and the best customer service, UNICOS has established a solid clientele and a presence in the Vietnamese cosmetics industry. As a result, when you sign a franchise agreement with UNICOS, you already have a sizable market and a reliable client base.

Rapid deployment

The franchisee won’t have to spend time looking for high-quality products at competitive costs when picking a franchise model at UNICOS. Additionally, they save time by already having ideas for a new facility thanks to the brand’s success and expertise, which makes it very simple to establish a new facility. It just took a month to complete the concept, shop design, decorating, and equipment investment processes.

Investors must do a lot of calculations if you launch your own company and develop your own brand. Unnecessary financial losses will result if the computation is done incorrectly.

Low initial investment, big profit margin

Many individuals think that adopting a franchise model is expensive. But this is a wholly incorrect viewpoint. Franchisees can learn how to construct cosmetic stores with well-known brands in the industry for just a one-time cost. As a result, investing in a cosmetics business at UNICOS will be far less expensive than starting a store on your own.

At UNICOS, operational, managerial, and marketing concerns are all supported when purchasing a franchise model. Using the franchise model, management procedures, operations, and marketing consulting are transmitted to franchisees. Thus, the store can run efficiently.

As a result, while using this system, the profit rate is quite high because:

  • Marketing support: The knowledgeable UNICOS marketing staff constantly works with owners to promote and communicate through all channels, from online to offline, in order to bring in additional clients to  increase revenue.
  • Reputable brand: UNICOS is well-known for offering high-quality goods at reasonable costs, which has helped it attract in a lot of customers.
  • Reducing the cost of employee training: UNICOS will offer the most assistance for employee training by setting up training sessions on cosmetics and procedures both at the head quarter and at shops.

The market is less competitive, particularly in the provinces

The majority of luxury, large cosmetic shops are located in major cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, necessitating the need for distinct places of sale. In the meanwhile, there are no stores carrying reputable brands in the smaller regions where the demand for beauty products is rising. Therefore, the option to open stores in developing provinces is also a very potential option.